All of the covers on Reido Radio were recorded at home or the homes of others.


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Stage & Studio Gear

Reido's gear at home and on the road







La Patrie Etude
- nylon string guitar


Reid's main guitar is not super fancy or expensive, but it is Canadian made and second hand. The nylon string ended up being the most 'human' sounding of guitars, and suited his newfound love of finger-picking.

Reid bought this beauty from dear friend and luthier Rufus Stewart on Vancouver Island.




Taylor 815-C - jumbo steel string with cutaway


This rare beast used to be Reid's main 'axe', but they fell out of love for a time while he enjoyed his fling with the nylon strings. Things have heated back up and the affair is back on.


Epiphone Casino - A John Lennon Songwriting Contest prize - and what a prize it is! Exactly what was needed for much of the old fashioned covers and retro sounding new songs in the works. Revolution model - inspired by John Lennon - natural finish. Few things are more awesome than a free guitar. yeay!



Pona Ukulele - Solid koa with a sweet pick up. Bought this puppy in Hawaii, at Larry's Music in Kauai to be specific. Proposed on that trip and this was a pretty perfect souvenir.



Oscar Schmidt Aloha Ukulele - Reid's first uke was a gift from Banbury Park's James Greenspan. Such a kind gift, and such a sweet sound on it. It was this uke that Reid recorded My Green Thumb on.


Fender Squire Bass


Dean Acoustic Bass


Gretsch Maple Snare - bought used on Craigslist, a pair of brushes with this little darling fills out digital drums with a warm sound. NO need for a full kit most day, but can't get around the value of a choice snare.


Did you know? all of the drums on The Presley Sessions are actually just a pine bough wrapped in elastic played on a djembe. yep.



Home Studio


Reid records the bulk of his song and whole records in his home studio, or the homes of friends. This allows for control over many things including precious time and limited money.


His home studio is probably where Reid is happiest. It's just a small bedroom studio with a few choice items. No full drum kit, as that is not very apartment friendly.




Avid Pro Tools + MBox Pro



Axion Pro 49 Controller Keyboard



more to come





Reid has a pretty smart set up to discourage thieves from breaking into his studio. Wouldn't want to be the one who finds out about it first hand. But if something else were to happen to his gear, he is well insured through the musician's union. You should make sure you are insured too - great deals to be had with membership.










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