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The Presley Sessions Revisited
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Reid with his co-writer/wife
Carolyn Victoria Mill

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"Prepare to be surprised"- Vancouver Province


"Jamieson has a voice to bring the songs to life. His choices are admirable, and brave, but you can be when you are this fine. It is an elegant, considered, beautiful reimagining of some real pearls...his honey coated inflections on a record that even the purists will love.”  Americana UK


“A beautifully realised collection from honey-voiced Canadian Reid Jamieson. In his hands standars…sound as fresh as the day they were written, thanks to his superb performance and obvious love and respect for the music. Highly recommended.”  R2 Magazine UK



"Reid has the kind of voice that makes you stop and turn around, searching for the source like an oasis in the desert." The Alternate Root


This record showcases an artist of exceptional talent. Smoothness, delicacy and serenity – Reid has them all. If I didn’t know Reid is my contemporary, I would swear he is one of the great singers of the golden years. Congratulations for this stunning album!"



"Ultimately more enjoyable for it's simplicity... a tribute in the original sense of the word"
- Veg News (US)


"A sweet job on the King’s ballads"
- Montreal Mirror


"Reid's a champion!"
- Matt Galloway, CBC Radio One


"The sound of a highly gifted and passionate singer at the top of his game. This is a voice that must be heard. - Kerry Doole


"Beautifully done...a truly authentic voice."- Molly Johnson OC










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The Presley Sessions Revisited


Reid Jamieson Independent NOV 2015


The Presley Sessions Revisited is a musical love letter to the greats of the 50s era, including songs made popular by Elvis, Roy Orbison, The Platters and The Flamingos. Following up on his rather unintentional hit 'The Presley Sessions' - a homespun recording originally intended as a birthday present for his then sweetheart (now wife) - this incredible vocalist has once again captured the essence of a magical moment in music history. Playing every instrument himself (and standing in for the Jordanaires all by his lonesome), this record showcases an artist of exceptional talent. Expect a boatload of memories plus the swingin' new original 'When I Hear It Now' featuring the missus - Carolyn Victoria Mill. Some records were created for one simple reason only - to make people happy. We hope you enjoy listening to the Presley Sessions as much as we enjoyed making it.


* The original Presley Session will now be retired indefinitely. Thank you, thank you very much.





1. That's When Your Heartaches Begin

Fred Fisher, William Raskin, Billy Hill 3:04


2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Bill Monroe 2:26


3. Mystery Train

Junior (Herman) Parker 2:29


4. I Only Have Eyes For You

Harry Warren, Al Dubin 2:58


5. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine

Mack David 2:10


6. Only You

Buck Ram 1:53


7. Trying To Get To You

Rosemary McCoy, Charles Singleton 2:41


8. Is It So Strange

Faron Young 2:38


9. When I Hear It Now

Reid Jamieson, Carolyn Mill 2:10


10. In Dreams

Roy Orbison, 3:09





All vocals & instruments performed by Reid Jamieson.
Track 9 with additional vocals by Carolyn Victoria Mill.
Produced by Michael Holland & CVM in West Vancouver, BC. Recorded at home by Reido. Mixed by MH. Design/photo by CVM. For the Colonel, with love.









AUGUST 2007 ~ by Kerry Doole


The King is dead, but he’s not forgotten. Certainly not by Reid Jamieson. This Victoria-based (now Vancouver) singer/songwriter is a life-long Elvis fan, and that deep devotion has now spawned a loving and highly loveable new tribute disc, The Presley Sessions. This collection of songs originally recorded by Presley in the late ‘50s and now brought to vibrant new life is literally a labour of love. It was conceived without any commercial imperative, and that spontaneous spirit infuses every note here. The Presley Sessions initially took shape as a birthday gift for Reid’s lover/muse/manager, Carolyn V. Mill, this past March. A sure way to the heart of this fellow Elvis fan. Mill, in fact, is affectionately nicknamed ‘the Colonel’ after Presley’s rambunctious and rather opportunistic manager, and the record initially sported the title For The Colonel, with Love.


“I woke up on her birthday and had a little inkling, ‘I should record a song,’” recalls Reid, astutely realizing this was a sure way to the heart of a fellow Elvis fan. “I had trouble deciding on just one, as there are so many I love, so I thought ‘well I’ll just set up my recorder here at home and do a few, with guitar and vocal. Don’t try a second take, just go for it.’ Eight songs came, then I thought, ‘what the heck? I have a bass here, let’s add that, then some backing vocals. I have the djembe and pine needles here, let’s add a little snare.’”The results were so pleasing that Reid added another four songs a week later, intending to come up with an album-length disc he could also give as a gift to family and friends.


They responded with instant enthusiasm, and a copy then found its way to the discerning ear of James Greenspan, head of Banbury Park Records, and a keen admirer of Jamieson’s original work. “He jumped all over it, saying ‘I love this, I want to put it out,’” says Reid. The happy outcome of this serendipity is that The Presley Sessions will become commercially available, with Jamieson playing select dates in Toronto and Victoria to support the release.


He refused to touch up the original recordings, so the intimate living-room vibe of the sessions remains intact. “I can listen to it still and hear the enthusiasm and love in my voice. It’s so nice to have and to share that,” he stresses.The disc should be viewed as sincere homage, not attempted mimicry. Jamieson’s oh so sweet and pure voice works in a higher register than that of The King. “You want to use your own voice. It was just a matter of choosing the right key and having fun with it.” he explains.“I hope that anyone who takes the time to listen to it will feel an infectious vibe. “To me, Elvis makes people happy. If someone wants to put me down for trying to move that happiness around, well, I’m not going to worry about it too much!”


Presley’s songs are so imprinted in Jamieson’s musical DNA, little genetic research was required to come up with the tunes on The Presley Sessions. In fact, Reid didn’t even need to hear them again before starting work. “Recording them seemed so effortless because they were so inside my head,” he says. Attribute this deep knowledge and love to Jamieson family gatherings. “I don’t remember a time before these songs. He’s always been there for me,” observes Reid. “The biggest Elvis influence on me growing up was the annual family get-togethers at my aunt Carole’s house. She had a giant Elvis songbook, with music for the piano of virtually every song. Most of my family can play piano, so they’d play the chords and  we’d all sing along.” It was at just one such gathering that a shy and nervous young Jamieson first sang in front of anybody. “That was a really formative moment. I know my life would be different if that side of the family was not so musical.”


Reid has a happy history with many of the songs on The Presley Sessions. He learned the lesser-known “Is It So Strange” at age 13, and sang “One Night With You” at the legendary annual Elvis Karaoke nights at Toronto’s famed Horseshoe Tavern. Song selection for the record was dictated by the occasion of its genesis. “I chose hopeful love songs, because this was an album for Carolyn and my love for her.” Jamieson astutely included songs that weren’t huge hits for Elvis. “I intentionally wanted to find songs that still had a bit of freshness to them,” he explains. Mission accomplished.


The Presley Sessions establishes Reid Jamieson as a gifted interpreter of songs, but word of his singular talent as a songwriter has been spreading fast. After paying his rock dues in Toronto band Alvy, he launched his solo career with 2001’s debut, Cowlick Bravado. 2003’s acoustic EP The Noise In My Chest was followed by 2004’s alt-country triumph, The Unavoidable Truth, produced by Josh Finlayson (Skydiggers). It notched rave reviews internationally, while regular appearances on CBC’s highly popular Vinyl Café have showcased Reid’s charm as a live performer. A prolific writer, Jamieson is now sifting through the potential gems that will surface on a highly-anticipated new disc of original material.


That leaves you time for a happy immersion in The Presley Sessions.




When I hear it now
It's even better than it used to be
Not just a beat goin on and on
talkin bout melody


When I hear it now
Gets me thinkin bout you and me
Every moment in harmony
What a boatload of memories
Hey they're playin our song


Didn’t need no hifi
Just keep the bass upright
Add a little bit of slap back
Yeah the band was outta sight


Make ya wanna make out
Make it last all night
A little old school romance
Take a back seat drive


Oh, when I hear it now
It's even better than it used to be
Not just a beat goin on and on
Talkin bout melody


When I hear it now
Gets me thinkin bout you and me
Every moment in harmony
What a boatload of memories
Hey they're playin our song


So sweet it make yer teeth hurt
Yeah but that’s alright
A tune was never too long
With everything in black n white


Make ya wanna swing hard

Make ya dance all night
The song was never over
We just flipped the 45


When I hear it now
It's even better than it used to be
Not just a beat goin on and on
I'm talkin bout melody


When I hear it now
It gets me thinkin bout you and me
Every moment in harmony
Yeah we were makin history
Still means so much to me
What a boatload of memories
Hey they're playin our song